Patricia Gibson1

#1795, b. 12 August 1921, d. after 21 January 1922
Patricia Gibson|b. 12 Aug 1921\nd. a 21 Jan 1922|p1795.htm|Archie Murray Gibson Sr.|b. 27 Mar 1893\nd. Feb 1962|p132.htm|Gertrude M. Lorenz|b. 28 Nov 1894\nd. 15 Apr 1967|p1599.htm|James Gibson|b. 2 Dec 1852\nd. 17 Feb 1921|p95.htm|Agnes Murray|b. 6 Mar 1865\nd. b 29 Jan 1930|p92.htm|John A. Lorenz|b. Jan 1858\nd. b 1930|p2020.htm|Annie Gunther|b. May 1860\nd. 23 Oct 1935|p2021.htm|

Agnes Murray Gibson holding Patricia, with Archie M., Jr. and Anne, c. 1920
  • Birth*: Patricia Gibson was born on 12 August 1921 at Colon, Panama CZ.1,2
  • She was the daughter of Archie Murray Gibson Sr. and Gertrude M. Lorenz.1
  • (Witness) Immigration: Patricia Gibson witnessed the immigration of Archie Murray Gibson Sr. and Gertrude M. Lorenz on 21 January 1922 at New York, New York, NY, US; aboard S.S. Panama from Cristobal, C.Z. which left Jan. 13, living in Baltimore while in US
    Gibson, Archie 28 27Mar1893 Jersey City, NJ
         Gertrude 27 28Nov1894 Baltimore, MD
         Anne 4 31Oct1917 Colon
         Archie Jr. 2 13Oct1919 Colon
         Patricia 5 months, 12Aug1921 Colon
    Lorenz, Annie 60 May 23 1861 Baltimore, MD
         Mary 30 Apr 11 1891 Baltimore, MD.2
  • Death*: Patricia Gibson died after 21 January 1922 at Panama CZ scarlet fever.1


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