Mrs. G. Unknown1

#2251, b. 1799
  • Birth*: Mrs. G. Unknown was born in 1799.1
  • Married Name: Her married name was Revillon.1
  • Marriage*: She married G. Revillon before 1839; She was not Celeste's mother as George was described as Celeste's step-brother in Ross R. Winans' will.2
  • Immigration*: Mrs. G. Unknown and G. Revillon immigrated on 10 December 1855 to New York, New York, NY, US; aboard the Ariel from Havre, France
    G. Revillon 54, engineer, Russia, Russia
         Mrs. G. Revillon 56, Russia, Russia
         Mathilda Revillon 16, Russia, Russia
         Marie Revillon 14, Russia, Russia
         Geo Revillon 7, Russia, Russia.1

Family: G. Revillon b. 1801


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