Emeline Sophia Seifert

#190, b. 1 February 1849, d. 28 October 1851
Emeline Sophia Seifert|b. 1 Feb 1849\nd. 28 Oct 1851|p190.htm|John Seifert|b. 16 Feb 1814\nd. 29 Mar 1888|p151.htm|Elizabeth Heneise|b. 8 Apr 1813\nd. 12 Dec 1889|p152.htm|John Seifert|b. 22 Dec 1783\nd. 7 Jul 1862|p276.htm|Anna N. Lauer|b. a 1782|p277.htm|George (John) Heneise|b. 26 Mar 1781\nd. 7 Oct 1845|p193.htm|Barbara Meisenhelder|b. 9 Feb 1782\nd. 9 May 1859|p194.htm|


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