John George Quickel1

#723, b. 26 February 1772, d. 7 November 1870
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  • Birth*: John George Quickel was born on 26 February 1772 at York, PA, US.1,2
  • He was the son of Philip Quickel and Eva Catharine Kline.1
  • Christening: John George Quickel was christened on 26 April 1772 at Quickel's (Zion) Lutheran Church, Conewago, York, PA, US; Sponsors: John George Quickel & wife.2
  • Marriage*: He married Anna Maria Quickel before 1791; Before birth of daughter.3
  • (Witness) Will: John George Quickel witnessed the will of Philip Quickel on 27 March 1821 at Conewago, York, PA, US; Written: 20 Dec 1820; Probated: 27 Mar 1821
    Executors: Richard Bull & George Heneise
    Widow: Catharine
    Issue: George (to get homestead)
    Florentina md. Andrew Gross
    Catharine md. Peter Eicholtz
    Susanna widow of Peter Eicholtz
    Elizabeth & heirs of son Philip Quickel.4
  • Death*: John George Quickel died on 7 November 1870 at age 98.1,5
  • Burial*: He was buried after 7 November 1870 at Strayer's Cemetery, Dover, York, PA, US; Age: 100-8-11.6

Family: Anna Maria Quickel b. c 1770


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