Godfrey (Gottfried) Koenig

#835, b. 28 October 1728
Godfrey (Gottfried) Koenig|b. 28 Oct 1728|p835.htm|JohNicklaus Koenig|b. 18 May 1707\nd. 29 Mar 1776|p841.htm|Maria Ursula Bochinger|b. c 1707|p1990.htm|Paul Koenig|b. 21 May 1678|p1993.htm||||||||||
  • Birth: Godfrey (Gottfried) Koenig was born on 28 October 1728 at Niederhorbach, Südliche Weinstraße, Palatinate, Germany; was written as Niederdorbach, Pfalz, Bayern.2
  • Birth*: He was born on 28 October 1728 at Edenkoben, Südliche Weinstraße, Palatinate, Germany.3
  • He was the son of JohNicklaus Koenig and Maria Ursula Bochinger.1
  • Immigration*: Godfrey (Gottfried) Koenig immigrated on 16 October 1752 to "Snow Ketty" from Rotterdam, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, US; Godfried Koenig with Peter Koenig and Nichlaus Koenig imported in the "Snow Ketty", Theophilus Barnes, Commander from Rotterdam and last from Portsmouth took Qualifications to Government at Courthouse, Philadelphia, Monday, 16 Oct 1752.3
  • Marriage*: He married Anna Christiana Ziegler, daughter of Johan Philip Ziegler and Anna Margaretha Schmitt, circa 1761 at PA, US.4,1
  • Tax*: Godfrey (Gottfried) Koenig was tax Godfrey King, 259 acres, 5 horses, 5 horn'd cattle, 6 sheep, 1 still, 1 house, 2 outhouses, 8 inhabitants - valuation L700 in 1783 at Manchester, York, PA, US.3
  • (Witness) History: He witnessed An affray in the borough of York, in December 1786, was occasioned by the excise law then existing. Jacob Bixler, of Manchester, was unwilling to pay his tax or gather excise; his cow was distrained for the payment. It was to rescue this cow, that the affray happened. The beast was driven by the officer to York, and was to be sold. A company of about 100 men set out from the neighborhood of the animal's former home, armed, some with clubs, others with pistols or guns, and directed their march toward York, they crossed Chicken Bridge, and in Indian file marched into town. Their captain, Godfrey King, led them on with dread determination and to the place where her vaccins excellence was exposed to vendition. This was the square where Market and Beaver Streets cross each other. They had hardly proceeded to commit violence when the whole town was assembled. The inhabitants met the rioters with weapons, clubs, pistols, guns and swords. Henry Miller, during the affray, struck with his sword at one Hoake, who, leaping over a wagon tongue, just excaped the blow; the sword falling upon the wagon tongue, sunk into it about an inch. After some boxing and striking, the party dispersed, and the whole tumult ended.

    Frederick Hoake was afterward severly fined for cutting the rope around the cow's neck, and letting her loose, though the fact was Peter Schneider, Jr., did it.
    The rioters were taken before justices of the peace, and bound for appearance at next court, on the 23d of January, 1787; and bound before the court of quarter sessions in a considerable sum to appear at the next supreme court to answer to such bills indictment as should be presented against them. They appeared and with others of their brethren, were fined. Thus ended the affray. It was in fact a cow insurrection; it brought Manchester and York into a fond and loving union. in December 1786.5
  • (Witness) History: He witnessed At a court of Oyer and Terminer, held at Yorktown, for the county of York, on 21 May inst, Godfrey King, Andrew Hoak and Conrad Hoak, together with 20 others, were indicted for a riot in having tumultuously and riotously assembeled and having marched under arms into the town of York in November last, in order to oppose the sale of property distrained by the collectors for taxes. They all pleaded guilty. (That they surrouned the crier and forbid any person purchasing when the property which had been seized was offered for sale. A cow which had been in the hands of the collector was driven away by the rioters): Godfred Kiny who had headed the rioters was fined 50 pounds 1 shilling; Andrew Hoak and Conrad Hoak 25 pounds 1 shilling each. on 30 May 1787.6
  • Deed*: He was given a deed on 8 March 1790 at Manchester, York, PA, US; 180 acres.3

Family: Anna Christiana Ziegler b. 7 Sep 1740, d. 22 Aug 1802


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