Ross T. Whistler1

#2260, b. 30 October 1894, d. 1 July 1963
Ross T. Whistler|b. 30 Oct 1894\nd. 1 Jul 1963|p2260.htm|Ross Winans Whistler|b. 24 Jun 1858\nd. 12 Feb 1927|p2195.htm|Theodora Robinson|b. 12 Nov 1854|p2259.htm|George W. Whistler|b. 9 Jul 1822\nd. 24 Dec 1869|p2170.htm|Julia D. Winans|b. 24 Oct 1825\nd. 26 Sep 1875|p2169.htm|||||||
  • Birth*: Ross T. Whistler was born on 30 October 1894 at Baltimore, MD, US.1
  • He was the son of Ross Winans Whistler and Theodora Robinson.1
  • (Witness) Note: Ross T. Whistler witnessed the note of Ross Winans Whistler and Theodora Robinson on 15 August 1913 at Church Hill, Lenox, Berkshire, MA, US; had their home almost broken into by thieves who were spotted by maids early in the morning cutting a pane of glass in the dining room window. They alerted Ross W. Winans and his son Ross T. and were scared away.2
  • Death*: Ross T. Whistler died on 1 July 1963 at Boston, MA, US, at age 68.3,1


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