Beatrice Winans1

#2185, b. 25 April 1884, d. October 1907
Beatrice Winans|b. 25 Apr 1884\nd. Oct 1907|p2185.htm|Ross Revillon Winans|b. 8 Jun 1850\nd. 25 Apr 1912|p2160.htm|Neva Whistler|b. 5 Apr 1860\nd. 29 Apr 1907|p2176.htm|Thomas D. Winans|b. 6 Dec 1820\nd. 10 Jun 1878|p2158.htm|Celeste L. Revillon|b. 1828\nd. a 14 Mar 1861|p2159.htm|George W. Whistler|b. 9 Jul 1822\nd. 24 Dec 1869|p2170.htm|Julia D. Winans|b. 24 Oct 1825\nd. 26 Sep 1875|p2169.htm|
  • Birth*: Beatrice Winans was born on 25 April 1884 at Baltimore, MD, US.1,2
  • She was the daughter of Ross Revillon Winans and Neva Whistler.1
  • (Witness) Immigration: Beatrice Winans witnessed the immigration of Ross Revillon Winans and Neva Whistler on 6 August 1892 at New York, New York, NY, US; aboard the Umbria from Liverpool, England
    Ross R. Winans 42, gentleman, US
         Beatrice Winans 32, wife, US
         Beatrice Winans 8, child, US
         Thomas G. Winans 6, child, US
         Ross W. Winans 3, child, US
    We know he is married to Neva - why is she named Beatrice?3
  • (Witness) Census: Beatrice Winans witnessed the census of Ross Revillon Winans and Neva Whistler in 1900 at Ocean Avenue, Newport, Newport, RI, US, ;
    Winans, Ross A. Jan 1850 50 m20 MD/NJ/France capitalist
         Neva Mar 1860 40 m20 4/3 Russia/NJ/NJ
         Beatrice Apr 1884 16 MD
         Thomas G. Sept 1886 13 France
         Ross R. Jr. Oct 1888 11 MD
    living with 20 servants.1
  • Note*: Beatrice Winans "There will be a Miss Winans in London society next year, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Winans. The Winans have lived for years abroad, but they are Americans and from Baltimore. Mrs. Winans was Miss Neva Whister and a near relative of the artist and writer. Miss Whistler, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Delano Whistler, made her debut in London last Summer under the chaperonage of her aunt. She is said to be a very beautiful girl. She was at Lennox several seasons as a child. The Winans have a moor in Scotland and other property in the British Empire, and have become entirely English."
    ed. - Not sure about the last sentence. in 1904.4
  • Married Name: Her married name was de Bearn.5
  • Marriage*: She married Prince Henri Galard de Bearn on 24 June 1905 at Church of Ste. Clotilde, Paris, France.5
  • Death*: Beatrice Winans died in October 1907 at age 23.6


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