Thomas Delano Whistler1,2

#2194, b. 19 January 1857
Thomas Delano Whistler|b. 19 Jan 1857|p2194.htm|George William Whistler|b. 9 Jul 1822\nd. 24 Dec 1869|p2170.htm|Julia DeKay Winans|b. 24 Oct 1825\nd. 26 Sep 1875|p2169.htm|George W. Whistler|b. 19 May 1800\nd. 7 Apr 1849|p2197.htm|Mary R. Swift|b. 8 Aug 1804\nd. 9 Dec 1827|p2198.htm|Ross Winans|b. 17 Oct 1796\nd. 11 Apr 1877|p2162.htm|Julia DeKay|b. 10 Aug 1802\nd. 24 May 1850|p2163.htm|
  • Birth*: Thomas Delano Whistler was born on 19 January 1857 at St. Petersburg, Russia.1,2,3
  • He was the son of George William Whistler and Julia DeKay Winans.1
  • (Witness) Immigration: Thomas Delano Whistler witnessed the immigration of Julia DeKay Winans on 13 August 1872 at New York, New York, NY, US; aboard the Scotia from Liverpool
    Whistler, Julia 42 US
         Thomas D. 15 US
         Julia D. 7 US
         Ross W. 14 US
         Neva 12 US
         Joseph S. 6 US.4
  • Education*: Thomas Delano Whistler was educated in 1877 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, Rensselaer, NY, US; graduated as a civil engineer, member of Lambda chapter of Delta Phi.2
  • Occupation*: He was an assistant engineer on Aqueduct Commission between 1884 and 1886 at New York, New York, NY, US.2
  • Occupation: He was a consulting engineer between 1887 and 1907.2
  • Residence*: He resided in 1907 at 7 W. 43rd Street, New York, New York, NY, US; member of Lambda Chapter of Delta Phi at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute class of 1877.2
  • (Witness) Will: He witnessed the will of Ross Revillon Winans on 30 April 1912 at Baltimore, MD, US; containing a generous bequest of $500,000 to Dorothy Bateman of Newport, RI, who paid thoughtful attention to him his last summer there. The rest of the estate is valued at 4 million dollars and is to be divided among his brother-in-law Ross W. Whistler and Georges Revillon, step-brother of his mother. Mr. Whistler was named his executor. His son Thomas who, he disowned after his rash marriage to a Spanish actress, is to receive an allowance totalling $200,000.
    He left $50,000 each to his "old and cherished" friends Margaret M. Smith who was engaged to a brother of his before he died, and Louisa M. Butts. He left $100,000 each to Julia Revillon, Thomas D. Whistler, brother of his late wife, and his wife's sister-in-law Mrs. Joseph S. Whistler. He also left $50,000 to Olga Winans, daughter of the late William M. Winans.5


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