George Revillon1

#2254, b. 1848
George Revillon|b. 1848|p2254.htm|G. Revillon|b. 1801|p2250.htm|Mrs. G. Unknown|b. 1799|p2251.htm|||||||||||||
  • Birth*: George Revillon was born in 1848 at Russia.1
  • He was the son of G. Revillon and Mrs. G. Unknown.1
  • (Witness) Immigration: George Revillon witnessed the immigration of G. Revillon and Mrs. G. Unknown on 10 December 1855 at New York, New York, NY, US; aboard the Ariel from Havre, France
    G. Revillon 54, engineer, Russia, Russia
         Mrs. G. Revillon 56, Russia, Russia
         Mathilda Revillon 16, Russia, Russia
         Marie Revillon 14, Russia, Russia
         Geo Revillon 7, Russia, Russia.1
  • (Witness) Will: George Revillon witnessed the will of Ross Revillon Winans on 30 April 1912 at Baltimore, MD, US; containing a generous bequest of $500,000 to Dorothy Bateman of Newport, RI, who paid thoughtful attention to him his last summer there. The rest of the estate is valued at 4 million dollars and is to be divided among his brother-in-law Ross W. Whistler and Georges Revillon, step-brother of his mother. Mr. Whistler was named his executor. His son Thomas who, he disowned after his rash marriage to a Spanish actress, is to receive an allowance totalling $200,000.
    He left $50,000 each to his "old and cherished" friends Margaret M. Smith who was engaged to a brother of his before he died, and Louisa M. Butts. He left $100,000 each to Julia Revillon, Thomas D. Whistler, brother of his late wife, and his wife's sister-in-law Mrs. Joseph S. Whistler. He also left $50,000 to Olga Winans, daughter of the late William M. Winans.2


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