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11/18/2017 - Tracing the Settlement of Howard County, MD V1.0.0

    I am providing documentation of my research, including an Excel workbook with extracted information from the land patents, and Google Earth data files showing relevant locations and land patents associated with the settlement of Howard County. After the data files are opened in Google Earth, placemarks, plats, historic sites, cemeteries, and waterways will display as shown below. Start by reading the pdf file below to learn more about how the files were created and how to load the .kml files into Google Earth, then download the zip file to a safe location. None of these files are executable but always defend against hacking!

See the complete list of files at Howard County Files

View a summary list of the land patents at Howard County Land Patents

Howard County Land Patents

07/18/2018 - Tracing the Settlement of Anne Arundel County, MD V0.0.0

    I have not finished platting the land patents for what is currently Anne Arundel County, but I want to post what I have so far since it is quite a lot and might be helpful to someone's research. Just please realize I have more research to do and the results may change somewhat.

See the complete list of files at Anne Arundel County Files